Translation of KIERER Marriage Record #poland #translation


Translation Please (Polish/Russian)  This is apparently a marriage record of Rifke Necha KIERER to Clawna Dworecki from Grodno. 1890.  Looking for additional details.  Ages?  Town for Ryfka?  Are there alternative names for Chlawna?  Thank you so much!
Abby Barry Bergman
New York

Dr.Josef ASH

It is Russian
Chlavna (no alternative), 24 yo, bachelor,  from Dvorets Grodno gubernia, temporary in Warsha,
son of Volf and Fajga nee Hejfets
Rifka Nekha Kerar, 26, not married, dtr of Yitskhak and Etta nee Kaufman, resides in Warshaw (Kova...? str, #35)
Married on Feb 26/March 10, 1890