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Norbert Steiner

Looking for a childhood friend - Karin Hirschkrohn, married as Karin Mintz and son Stephen Mintz. Karin grew up in Vienna, Austria, met her husband in Ulpan in Israel, had her son with her parents back in Vienna, then came to Kibbutz Magen in Israel to see her husband, but he had already returned to his parents in New York State. Karin followed her husband. Only once after she immigrated did one of our friends talk to her. At that time she was a Librarian and lived in New York. "WE" are a group of former members of the Hashomer Hatzair of Vienna who are all interested in the whereabout of Karin and how she is doing now. Please help finding her.


I was able to locate a high school friend by contacting her alma mater (college, that is).  I found her, though she chose not to make contact with us, her close senior year friends. At least I know she was okay.  The point is you might try the library, if you know which system, or her school alumnus society.  Probably neither one will give you her address, but you might prevail upon them to send her an email or letter for you, asking that she contact you. 

I have luck at times simply Googling the person's name with the state, too.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC


If you are seeking help from others, it would be helpful if we had ages or years.
There are several Stephen Mintzs on FB for example. Is the son grown up already?
Have you tried contacting the Kibbutz?
Do you have the husband's name?
Detectives need all the clues you can provide.