Looking for Information on Harry FEINGOLD and Bessie WEISS, from Poland to Phoenixville, PA and NYC 1890s #poland #usa

Maria Krane

Hello Genners,
     I am helping a cousin research her great grandparents, Harry (Aryeh Chaikel) FEINGOLD and Bessie (Basia) Weiss who emigrated from Poland (town unknown) to Phoenixville, PA and a few years later to Manhattan. They had 10 children, Hyman, Bella, Sarah, Jenny, Morris, Anne, Benjamin, Ephraim, Mamie and Naomi.  We've been unable to find any town of origin information for either one.  We've not found ship manifests, or naturalization records to date. Bessie was the daughter of Bernard (Baruch) WEISS and Freda (maiden name unknown). We suspect that FEINGOLD might not be the original surname as we have found scant documents on Harry.  If anyone knows of this family, or has any hints on how to research the Philadelphia area, I'd be most appreciate for the assistance.

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Researching (for my cousin): FEINGOLD / FINEGOLD / WEISS from Poland

Kenneth Ryesky

Some years ago, the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center http://www.philajewisharchives.org/ moved its materials to the Temple University Paley Library Urban Archives.

I have been out of Philadelphia for 30-something years, and my last visit to Temple University campus was shortly before my Aliyah about 6 years ago.  The Urban Archives staff had always been very helpful and facilitative during my personal visits over the years (but that was in a different era before this COVID-19 madness).  

You might wish to make inquiry there.

As for Phoenixville, the last I heard they still have a synagogue there, perhaps that might be a tree for you to bark up.

Best of luck in your searches,

-- KHR
Ken Ryesky
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Ukraine:  Yelizavetgrad:  Broad/Brodsky (also Odessa), Gertzig/Gertzog
Ukraine/Russia/Turkey:  Yevpatoriya:  Israelson, Arshenov

howard sachs

"Mixed marriage" may be an unduly polite term.  Somehow typically Jewish DNA appears in "Christian" families.  Geni has each generation of the Pence family, with a line going back to  a prominent Rabbi Weil in Southwestern Germany. Assuming in this case that the genealogy is sound (occasionally true), the surnames allow a guess that a Jewish woman  was the mother of a Gentile child late in 16th century Switzerland.  "Common law partnership" or something else?  So Geni says I am a 17th cousin--a bit remote.  In my paternal line the DNA suggests an early abandonment of the Jewish faith by some fellow in the Rhineland in the 17th century. I have run into a smattering of such situations.  Is there any write-up as to unusual frequency in that area at that time of religious turmoil--or are my conclusions entirely unsound? Howard Sachs (directed to message 642893--Roger Lustig)


I reached out to Congregation Beth Jacob, Phoenixville.  Below are the email responses.  Nothing on Feingolds.  The Weiss family I am familiar with settled in nearby Pottstown (10 miles from Phoenixville) where I grew up.  The Schwartz-Weiss clan (Hungarian Jews) arrived there around 1890.   I have a lot of information about that Weiss family.   By the way, is your cousin related to the Weiss family of Triangle Shoe Company?

Larry Cohen
Schwenksville, Pa.
JewishGen 497337

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Tue 5/19/2020 1:26 PM
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My sister who is 85 does not recognize them either

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Mike covered everything I know. I've never heard of any local Feinbergs. The Pottstown Weisses are cousins of mine, but Larry knows that because I've spoken to him about them.


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I cannot remember that name. No Feingolds buried in our cemetery. 


There are Weiss family in Pottstown- Sydney & Alvin Weiss. Sydney married Joanie Weiss, who is no longer a member of Shule.   


We had a Martin Weiss who was a member of our Shule. They owned a small store next to the Colonial Theater. He passed many years ago. They had a daughter Erica Weiss, who would be in her mid- 80's if she is still alive.


I will ask my sister if she remembers the Feingold  family .



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Mike and Lee,


Larry sent the below email…he’s a fellow Schwenksvillite with deep roots at the Pottstown Synagogue…. 


Anyway, do we have Feingolds in Congregation B’nai Jacob History?  I looked through Dan Baer’s stuff that I used for the Centennial book but while I saw references to Weisses in the early history, I didn’t see Feingolds.  But I’m thinking that I hear “Feingold” during Yizkor.  (Pity—I was just at CBJ  for the grocery box delivery today…I would have looked at the memorial plaques had I gotten the below email earlier…)


Anyway, if you recognize any of the names, let Larry know.  Thanks.