Last residence of Riga in 1920 before immigrating to US, says the passenger manifest #latvia #usa #lithuania

Corey Brand

David and Saul (Zelman) MILLER (many spelling variations of surname) came to the US in 1920, in their twenties. They are my third great uncles. They were from Krekenava, now in Lithuania. Their last place of residence was Riga, Latvia, according to the NYC passenger manifest. I want to find out why they were in Riga. Was their relocation because of World War I? Is it possible they were Russian soldiers? Any databases I can use to find out? Or, does anyone know another reason they could be in Riga for?
Thanks, Corey Brand, South Florida, USA   <coreyabrand@...>

Link to Passenger Manifest

Researching MILLER, MELLER, and many spelling variations   From Krekenava, now in Lithuania > Pittsburgh, NYC, and Los Angeles, USA


My family also went to Riga before immigration (it's only listed as a last residence on one naturalization document out of six), and I've heard this was so they could have a medical examination. This was in 1923, and I tried finding my original source for this, but since I couldn't I suspect I heard it directly from a family member. This might be a reason why it's listed for your family.

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barbara Schoenburg

My family also went from Kiev to Riga for in 1925. They applied to go to US two months later but ended up going to Canada 2 years later. Have various passports and immigration papers. 

Alan Shuchat

Riga was near the port of Liepaja (Libau in the Russian Empire), from which many emigrants left. Since the manifests show your uncles went from Liverpool to New York, they may have gone first from Liepaja to the east coast of England and then taken a train to Liverpool. The steamship lines organized the connection to Liverpool. They might have gone to Riga for various reasons, but maybe they just were staying there until their passage was arranged for.

Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA