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Looking for information about immigration to Cuba in the 1920s and 1930s.

1. What shipping lines traveled from Europe to Cuba during that period?

2. Is there any way to get access to manifests for arrivals in Cuba?

Thank you.     Evan Fishman,    -- New Jersey    <ebf2001@...>

Sandy Crystall

[Researchers seeking passengers to or from Cuba -]

In my searches for relatives, I have found and saved manifests to (and from) Cuba for the period of 1915 - 1958 (including some cruise manifests).
 Some are outbound manifests from the UK.

Most are likely from paid subscriptions to genealogy services, but perhaps not all.

Sandy Crystall, New Hampshire

Alan Mandl

Companie Generale Transatlantique (CGT) was traveling to Cuba from France in 1938-early 1939. My father traveled from Bordeaux on the De La Salle in March 1939. Le Havre was another point of departure to Cuba. Among passengers during this era were escapees from Spain.

I was unable to locate a manifest through inquiries to CGT. I don’t know whether Cuban records exist or if they are accessible. The University of Miami has a number of Cuban materials and might a source of information. If you find a source of access to manifests, please let me know.

Alan Mandl


I am looking for how my grandfather, Abraham 'Avram' Rapaport, got from Europe to Cuba in 1939. Are you willing to share the manifests you have for ships leaving Europe to Cuba in May 1939? Or can you guide me where I can find out this information?
My grandfather was from Vienna, interned at Dachau shortly after Krystal Nacht 1938, released the end of Jan 1939 with the requirement that he get out of Europe. He was sick and emaciated so had to recover for a few months. I think he left sometime in May because that's when his wife left for New York. I also think he left from a French port only because he had a very good friend in France who arranged passage for the whole family to leave from a French port. He made it to Cuba with an official US Visa and family stories say that it was on one of the ships that left off some passengers in Havana but returned the rest back to Europe. He was in Cuba ~2 years and entered the USA May 30, 1941. It sounds like the SS Saint Louis story but that's the only manifest I have from USHMM and his name is not on it.
Thanks so much;
Judith Sternberg

Naomi Sachs

I'm looking for similar information. My family got out of Berlin sometime around 1933/34 and made their way to Rio de Janeiro via Cuba. I haven't been able to find them on any manifests and would be super grateful to anyone who can point me in the direction of where those passenger lists may reside. I have subscriptions to most of the genealogy websites out there.  Thanks so much!

Naomi Sachs <naomisachs1@...>
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