Seeking Occupation Lists to learn more about 2 G grandfather Notan Pesach JACOBSON #latvia #lithuania

Carol Zinter

Where on this site would I find an occupation listing for the Kovno region between 1830-1890.  My great great grandfather, Notan Pesach JACOBSON (wife Etyla), operated a Kretchma during that interval.  JACOBSON is likely not the original surname and despite creative searching for the past 8 years, no one in the family has been able to locate a single record for him.  Thank you for directing me to the right place.

Carol  <carolzinter@...>
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Judith Diamond

Can you narrow down the place more in Kovo gubernia?

Alexander Sharon

Hi Carol,

Word "Kretchna" for occupation should read: "Karczma" [ kahr: ch mah:] which translates from Polish as Inn, an related occupation is "karczmarz" - an innkeeper or publican. Inn services in additions to housekeeping (food and lodging) have also included  stabling and fodder for horses.


Alexander Sharon.
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Kris Murawski

I understand that Kretschme is a Yiddish word for inn or tavern. Corresponding word in Czech is Krcma, in Polish Karczma, etc. This root occurs also in other Slavic and non-Slavic languages, including Estonian, Hungarian, Albanian, Rumanian and Romani. See online krecme yiddish in Explorations in Judeo-Slavic Linguistics, by Paul Wexler (page 165).

Kris Murawski
Raleigh, NC