Tracking Kielmanowicz Family History from Szczucin, Poland #poland



My name is Jason Lieberman and I am researching my family history. My great grandfather was born in Szczucin, Poland. I am hoping someone can help me verify my information and provide any further information they might have.
My great grandfather's name was Henoch/Hanoch Kielmanowicz (although later on he was known as Henri). I am told he was born in 1890 in a town pronounced as "Chechin." I found a record of his birth online on JewishGen where it says the town he was born in was called Szczucin pow. Dabrowa (attached). His father's name was listed as Szymon Kielmanowicz and his mother's name was listed as Riwka Gettinger. I know that record is definitely referring to my great grandfather because I was told his father's name was Simon and his mother's maiden name was Gettinger (although I never knew what her first name was). I was told that Henoch's mother (Riwka) also gave birth to a girl named Myriam. Myriam at some point left to France, and I think was known as Marie and married someone with the last name Guercht. I am told that Simon Kielmanowicz's wife, Riwka Gettinger, passed away at a young age and Simon remarried. I am told that Simon's 2nd wife was Myriam. Myriam had four children (Michael, Anne/Anna, Rose/Sara Rachla, Issac) and then I think she passed away. Simon then married a third wife Jechel and had five more children (Jetta, Giselle, Simcha, Siolek, Esther). I believe most of the family moved to Paris, France and most then moved to the U.S.
Would you be able to help me verify my information and provide any further family history information you might have? I also have attached a picture of Simon Kielmanowicz if that helps.