Zelig Zeligman from Liskiava / Leckava and Unknown Segal / Segalowitch from Yahotyn #lithuania #ukraine

Bonnie W.

I'd love to connect with anyone who might have information about my great-great grandfather Zelig Zeligman (Seligman) and his wife Roche (parents of my great grandfather Elias) and another wife of Zelig's I've found listed in JewishGen named Gute (or maybe they are the same person?). Zelig was from Liskiava (Leckava), Lithuania.

I'm having difficulty sorting out the situation about the two wives and timelines. My father knows only that his great grandmother was named Roche (who I found with Zelig as parents in Elias's death record) or Rachel and she was married twice, including to a Segal / Segalowitch (our cousins). He has never heard of Gute (whom I've found in multiple records with Zelig, including a census record where my 2-year-old great grandfather Elias was living in their home) and it's hard to find much about Roche or Gute without knowing their maiden names. Thank you!

Bonnie Widerman

Zeligman / Seligman from Ylakiai and Liskiava, Lithuania
Segal / Siegal / Segalowitch from Yahotyn and Konotop, Ukraine