Immigrants to Palestine 1927 onwards #israel


How would I find out immigrants to Palestine from 1927 onwards? Are there lists? Searching for specific names from my mother's birth family.



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Try Israel Genealogical Research association (IGRA) in Jerusalem.

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Trudy Greener

Try the Zionist Archives in Jerusalem.  They do have an English-language search site. Not sure how they are working these days due to the Corona limitations.  

Rose Feldman

There is available a full collection on the website of the Israel State Archives. The lists from the 20s and 30 aren't always easy to read. Of course, they are in Hebrew. They are not available online at the Central Zionist Archives.
The Israel Genealogy Research Association is transcribing them and transliteration the names to English so they can be searchable by non-Hebrew speakers. It is a slow process. We have various lists from the 40s and are working on transcribing 1949. Watch here and on our Facebook for updates of additional lists.


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Kalman Appel

FWIW I believe that in the past, Avotaynu had a microfiche available that listed immigrants to Palestine pre-1948.  If memory serves me correctly, that list was compiled from listings of new immigrants that appeared in the Palestine Post. You might want to check with them.

Kalman Appel