Burials in Arad County, Romania #hungary #romania

Jake Jacobs

Trying to find graves for my g'g'grandparents, Fulop (Pinchas) Hochwald (may have changed last name to Havas) and Terez/Rezi/Rosa Friedman.  He died in 1885 in Butin, Romania (then Buteni, Hungary), and she died after 1906.  I have a death record for him, not for her. There doesn't seem to have been much of a Jewish community in Butin (it's not listed on the Gazetteer on Jewishgen). It is possible she is buried in Gurahont, Romania (then Honcto, Hungary). Any suggestions for finding these graves?

Many thanks,  Diane Jacobs,  Austin, Texas   <jake6621@...>

Valentin Lupu

Hi Diane,
The Romanian name of this place is Buteni (Buttyin in Hungarian). I have been there in 2010. The Jewish cemetery still exists in the northern part of this town. The synagogue was demolished during the communist regime (amazingly not by the Nazis and their local supporters!) in 1962. Only the Ten Commandments tablets, made from red marble and found on the synagogue frontispiece, were saved by a local and are kept in a small village museum. According to a paper published in 2017, the Jewish population achieved its peak around 1900 (210 people). In 1941, the whole Jewish population (48 people) were deported and no one returned back.
I will suggest to contact Buteni's mayor in order to find out if there are any registers  for the cemetery and for the local Jews.

Photo taken in Buteni local museum, 2010

Valentin Lupu