Please translate the Russian (I think) on the back of this photo #lithuania #translation

Elise Cundiff

This is the back of the photo of my great-grandfather, taken sometime before he emigrated to the USA.
If you can read it, I am hoping that it will reveal something about where it was taken. 

Elise Cundiff

Searching Markus, Zieve, Rosenberg, Katz families from Lithuania to the Cleveland  and Detroit metro areas


On the left tombstone:
A specialized branch for magnification of portraits, from the smallest to those of the actual size. 

Middle right:
Photograph (i.e. studio) of 
Ya. Arnison
in Shavlach
private house. 

Bottom right
Negatives archived. 


In the left vertical side:


In Russian:

Специальное отделение для увеличения портретов самой малой величины до натуральной.


In English:

Special compartment (place) for enlarging portraits of the smallest size to natural.


In center:


In Russian:

Фотография Лб. Арнсона

В Шавлях

Собственный дом.


In English:

Photo Lb. (possibly Leiba) Arnson

In Shawly

Own house.


In the bottom side:


In Russian:

Негативы хранятся.


In English:

Negatives are stored.

Kris Murawski

Arnson Photography Shop in Siauliali, Lithuania (other names Szawle in Polish, Шавли in Russian).

Shlomo Gurevich

"Photo shop of  Ya. Arnson in Shavli in his own house".
The text at the bottom: the negatives are stored.
As well as I know, the photographer  Yankel Hirsh Arnson got permission to work in Shavli (now Shyaulyai in Lithuania) in October 1884
Shlomo Gurevich,
Hoshaya, Israel

Elise Cundiff

Thank you all!
Since I have two similar portraits, one of appears to have been  taken when he was younger (mustache and clothing a bit different)  this confirms that he was in or near Shavli for some time.  I still don't know if that is where he was born but this gives me some direction for my searches. 
Thank you Shlomo Gurevich for the information about the photographer!
I wonder how common it was to have more than one portrait done in that era (1884-1894?)   
Family lore has it that this gentleman left home because he didn't want the religious life that was intended for him.