Cong. Lechas Yosher in Brooklyn, N.Y. & Nesvizh Societies anywhere #usa


I'm searching for any information, records, or photos, concerning Congregation Lechas Yosher of Brooklyn, N.Y., established in the early years of the 20th Century.  Information about Societies from Nesvizh Belarus.

Neilan Stern,  researching Radomysl Wielki Poland;   Nesvizh Belarus;    Vilijampol Kovno Lithuania;  family names Stern, Pistrong (many variations),


I can't directly help with your request, but I was suspicious that Lechas Yosher was misspelled from Lekach Yosher or something else. I did a simple Google search and found some information about a congregation Leches Yosher which makes more sense. You may want to try that.