Warsaw birth record - house number but no street? #warsaw

Elizabeth Jackson

I have received a birth record from Warsaw.  It is interesting that the house numbers for my family and the witnesses are indicated, but the street name is not given.  How might I learn the street name?

Elizabeth Jackson   <cattheater@...>

Deborah Blankenberg

Try posting an image of the (entire) document on ViewMate. Perhaps the street name is there but not obvious, and someone more familiar with this type of document might be able to identify it for you.
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Sally Bruckheimer

This is common in Eastern Europe. Houses are numbered consecutively throughout town, with no street name. It isn't for locating the house; it is for taxing and other civic procedures.
I answered the original poster, privately, but apparently this is a common problem for many.
Sally Bruckheimer  Princeton, NJ


Are you sure that it is the house number?  It is probably the plot number.  Most Warszawa records contain the plot number and it is rare to see the house number/street name listed on the record.  Information on the plot number and the house number can be found at the following JewishGen webpage

Every plot number has a respective house number and street name.   The house numbers are not always consecutive, so you can not use that is basis  Warszawa records were separated into districts and every plot number can be correlated to a district.   Warszawa was a city and not a town.

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills, New York

Eva Lawrence

The general answer to the problem of locating the street when the only address given is a house number,  is to search for a series of address books for the town in question. At some stage in the town's history, there must have been a switch-over  from the old address system to a new one with street names as well as  numbers,  and  an address book  or directory would have been published to help citizens with the change. Koenig was a  prolific publisher of such books, but I've seen others. 
Local town and university  archives would usually have copies of old address books.
For German towns. try the link
A certain amount of patience is needed to navigate your way through.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Kris Murawski

This information is available on the 19th century Warsaw Homeowners‘ Lists. Those lists include the plot number, street name and house number for the real estate of the city of Warsaw.

To make it easy, I will be glad to provide you with the street address of the property if you send me the house number.
Kris Murawski
Raleigh, NC