Where is Raisefka USSR #poland #russia

Ellen Barnett Cleary

A friend of mine and I are trying to figure out the name of the place her father was exiled to in WWII.  On a form he filled out for his immigration visa and alien registration, the place was cited as Raisefka, USSR.  Does anyone have any idea what the correct name of this place is?

This is what we do know.  He was from Ivenitz, Belarus.  He was sixteen years old, serving in the Polish Army, when he was.captured by the Russians.  The place he was sent to was in Siberia.  He told his daughter, he could see Alaska from the place he was in. There was an explosion in a coal mine there and he was the only survivor. He was burned and had a scar under his neck from one ear to the other from this experience.  After the explosion a nurse in the Army kept him underground caring for him for 6 months.  She released him into the forest, where he wandered for months.

Can anyone  help us figure out the name of this place?
Ellen Barnett Cleary
San Francisco CA

Krzysztof Witaszek

Hello Ellen,
I would try to search with the person's name using  site:
 which is in Polish. It lists the victims of the Soviet represions among Polish citizens during the war. (Type the last name in the field "nazwisko", try different  spelling ) The results  show also the name  of the place of exile. The sites were usually small barrack villages, formed only for the deported. 
You can try also the Russian site, which lists a wider range of victims :
but it is in Cyrrilic
If you need help, please write.
Krzysztof Witaszek

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Hello Ellen, hello Krzysztof,
You can get a much easier access with our alphabet to same Polish index by using this link to one of Stephen Morse's portal, thanks to his work :
I use it often and always find our Polish jewish parents who escaped to East into Russia after Poland invasion by 3rd Reich and Soviet Union in September 1939.
Ca. 250.000 fled in 1939, ca. 150.000 returned after 1945.
A lot of men had been enroled in Red Army and died (KIA, MIA), a lot of persons died from same starvation and diseases as russian people living there.
Bernard Flam
Archives and history of Medem Center (Bund / Workmen Circle) of France
Searching : FLAM, AGID, STOLTZ around Lemberg / Lwow / Lviv