ID card microfilms reels for Lodz ghetto workers: searching link in Polish State Archives web site #lodz #holocaust

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,

You may know Lodz ghetto's Jewish administration left 800.000 pages of archives.


These archives have been microfilmed (ca 700 reels) and are available at USHMM where I discovered them ...ten years ago. Thanks again to Ms. Megan Lewis, reference librarian.


They are also available at Yad Vashem and for some years, directly online at Polish State Archives :


Ca. 13.000 individual ID cards for Lodz ghetto workers had been microfilmed on reel 673 to 695 and have been indexed by a JewishGen team a few years ago.


But for some unknown reason, I can't find these microfilms directly on PSA website: unit 1011 is empty and there is no indication where could be these microfilms?


Thanks for any idea?




Bernard Flam

Archives and history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund / Workmen Circle) of France


Searching :


FLAM, AGID, STOLTZ around Lemberg

Lewis, Megan

The Lodz ghetto workers cards are indexed on Ancestry via the World Memory Project; access is free.  If you find a match there are instructions on how to order a copy from USHMM.  
Megan Lewis  Reference Librarian  
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National Institute for Holocaust Documentation
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Howard Fink

Last year JRI-Poland made available a complete extraction of more than 262,000 registration cards from Łodz, circa 1916-1921. You can read details about this enormous project here:

Search for names:
[hint: specify the Geographical Region as 'Piotrków Gubernia' and the Record Type as 'Census / Books of Residents']

Your results will include a link to click which will take you directly to the high resolution (downloadable) scan of the original card at the Polish State Archives.

Bernard Flam

Thank you Megan, thank you Howard for your quick answer.
But I must be more precise :
  • I know these ID cards of ghetto workers have been indexed by a team of JRI-Poland and we can get a person's card on-line through JRI-Poland.
  • these cards are ID cards of ghetto workers, edited after 1943 : they have nothing to do, and I don't mix them, with family registration cards started during german occupation of Lodz ca 1916, and filled till 1921.
So my question is still open : who knows if and where are these 13.000 cards of microfilm reels 673 to 695* in Polish state Lodz ghetto archives ? 

Best regards from Paris
Bernard Flam

* reference to these reels appear page 166-167 of Finding Aid  RG-15.083M of Lodz ghetto archives edited by USHMM