Seeking ancestors of my paternal grandfather Simon (Shimon, Yehoshua) BERNSTEIN in Kremenchug, Poltava in 1870 #ukraine


I am continually searching over many years for the origins of my paternal grandfather’s family BERNSTEIN.
lsrael Zvi and his wife Cissie (Shayne) gave birth to my paternal grandfather Simon (Shimon, Yehoshua) in Kremenchug, Poltava in 1870.
That information I found on my grandfather’s British citizenship certificate from Kew Archives, London.

Simon married Chana Likhtmakher (Lightman) in Vilna... or on the way... the family settled in Leeds, UK at the side of the Lightman families.
The Bernstein g.grandparents could have been “in migration “... The Pale... South to Kremenchug, maybe originating in Galicia, Prussia, Lithuania.
Up until now... I have absolutely no new ideas and need some help. 

Brenda Bernstein Habshush, Israel   <brentsi@...>