Seeking Joseph Weisman, a member of Proskurover in NYC #ukraine

Meryl Goldberg

When your message includes the name of a place that's not familiar to everyone (Proskurov) please include the country.
The JewishGen Gazetteer says Ukraine for this one.  - Moderator

Searching for any information about Joseph Weisman.  He was a member of Proskurover in NYC.  My family is also Weisman from Proskurov but settled in Chicago in 1912.  My mggf  Mendel had at least 2 brothers, Akiva and another who we lost touch with.  Thanks for your help.

Meryl Harris Goldberg <>

David Cherson

A few people out there might remember me when I was more active in all things Proskurov.  That was my mother's hometown and she and her family (miraculously) survived the 1919 pogrom.   I had always heard that there was a Proskurov shul in NYC but that it doesn't exist anymore.  And that it was established in the late 19th turn of the 20th century. Two of my mother's uncles managed to get out before WWI and that way they were able secure affidavits for the rest of the family in the 1920's.

In regards to the name of the town, I have always insisted that we only use Proskurov because as most people know renaming it Khelmnitzky was salt on the wound of the Jewish people.  Bogdan Khelmnitzky was one of history's most destructive anti-semites.  In fact within recent years the existing Jewish community has asked the town government to change the name back to Proskurov but they refused.

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