Seeking Moritz and Louise KREMER Cairo circa 1910 #sephardic

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Accessing records in Cairo is essentially impossible. Records of the Jewish community are in the custody of the Jewish community of Cairo (a handful of elderly widows) under control of the government. Access to the records is not allowed even if you visit Cairo in person. Multiple attempts over decades to copy them for preservation have all been stymied.

I have personal knowledge of a Giselle Kramer, born 7 February 1920 in Cairo who married my uncle, Samuel Malka. They are both deceased but some of their children are still alive in the US. This may well be the same Kramer family.

There were 5,000 Ashkenazi Jews living in Cairo prior to being thrown out of Egypt. Most have settled in Israel, the US, and

Jeff Malka


Moritz Kremer.Jeweller in Ein Chems Cairo early 1900's.Wife Louise,born in, then Constantinople.Maiden Name possibly Bernstein.
An uncle named Ignatz also resident in Cairo.
6 children,one named emmanuel.
Would love to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of these distant relatives of mine,as it could help in breaking down a brick wall
I am up against.
Also does anyone have any knowledge of how to access Cairo records of the Jewish community from this period?

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