Libraries with Ancestry Remote Access Through ProQuest Has Been Extended Through June 30 #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen

As reported previously, during the pandemic, ProQuest which supplies the library edition of Ancestry to many libraries advised that Ancestry is permitting remote access during the pandemic. Per Bill Forsyth, Senior Product Manager, ProQuest, the remote access for those libraries that have Ancestry subscriptions through ProQuest is extended through June 30, 2020.


Ancestry will continue to evaluate the need monthly and will adjust the access dates accordingly.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



I can successfully access ProQuest using my New York Public Library. However, I can not find the link to In ProQuest genealogy sites I only see newspapers. I have the same result when starting with ProQuest and logging in with my library barcode. I also tried to start with but could not find access. How do I access Library Edition?  Please be as specific as possible. Thank you in advance. 

Reba Harris Solomon
New York/Florida

Seth Nasatir

I'm not a NYPL subscriber, so I can't test it, but I found this page which has a link to the database:

JoAnne Goldberg

My local library network has a subscription and I was able to access it
from home using my library card number. I wouldn't have thought to check
if not for this thread!
JoAnne Goldberg - Menlo Park, California; GEDmatch M131535


David Hamermesh

I got the following link after logging in:
Here's what I did to get to see that link on the New York Public Library website:
1) Go to
2) Click on Log In, choose "Log Into the Research Catalog", and enter my information
3) Click on Research
4) Click on Expanded Access to Databases
5) See the Ancestry link in the second group of links
Good luck!
David Hamermesh
Jackson Heights, NY

EdrieAnne Broughton

In ordinary times, you can access Ancestry Library addition only at the physical library building.  I know some libraries and Ancestry have made it possible to access from home but haven't needed to do it so I don't know the procedure.  ProQuest in the past made both home access and library access possible, using your library card.  I used to use ProQuest as an alternate search engine for census searches but they switched to using the same search engine as Ancestry which made it totally useless for searching different parameters.  I used it to search without using a surname...which I found useful in searching for Serrings who were often transcribed and indexed as Lerrings, Lerings and any number of variations.  Thanks for reminding me to see what ProQuest is doing.  
EdrieAnne Broughton
Vacaville, California

Elise Cundiff

My library has made it available through a different link than the one used in the library.  One has to be signed into their library account, then the link to "Ancestry Library Edition @ Home" will show up in the list of available resources (if not signed in, only the link to "Ancestry Library Edition" which is only accessible in the library will show). 
 No need to access ProQuest.    I suppose every library is handling this differently.