Looking for Advice and Guidance in Kfar Chassidim, Israel. #general #israel

Meyer Denn <meyerdenn@...>


I have been doing genealogical research for nearly 50 years, and I have been unable to find the name of the father of one great-grandfather. The main reason for this is that he was the only one of my great-grandparents who died in the Shoah. All of the others died before the Shoah, so I have been able to access their death records in the countries that they occurred. I have searched in all kinds of archives, town halls, synagogues at which his children attended for yizkor plaques, etc. No luck.

It just occurred to me that my grandmother commissioned and donated a sefer torah in memory of her parents to a synagogue or institution in the town of Kfar Chassidim near Haifa sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s. I know that when a sefer torah is dedicated, that the sofer usually writes a round parchment dedication to the donor and the honoree that is placed on the round wooden disks that hold the Torah in place on the wooden rods and prevents it from slipping off. Also, the torah cover would have been embroidered with the names as well. Even if the mantel cover has been worn out and replaced, the parchment inscription should still be attached to the wooden disk.

Here comes my question. How would I go about locating THIS SPECIFIC sefer torah in Kfar Chassidim so that I can see if the inscription is there? There must be many shuls and religious institutions in Kfar Chassidim today.

Is there anybody in this group who lives near Kfar Chassidim or who might have an idea about how I should move forward?

Thanks in advance!

Meyer Denn
Beit Shemesh, Israel


As you live in Israel I don't understand why you don't look at the web or phone book. Kfar Hassidim has a Local Council and also a separate archive . Check with them directly