DORRA Family Descendants , Egypt/Syria #general

peter isert

Hi there
Does anyone know of any living descendants of my grandparents Raphael & Farida Dorra from Alexandria Egypt but originally from Damascus?
Raphael died in Israel after migrating there after Farida died in 1944 (?) in Egypt.
They had 2 daughters & 5 or 6 sons who scattered all over the world.
Their older daughter migrated to Argentina in the 1920s married Zeitune & had a family there.
Their younger daughter was my mum, Sarine Dorra, who married Herbert Iserstein from Vienna & migrated to Australia.
I’d love to contact the living descendants of my mum’s siblings or of her other relatives or extended family.
They are there somewhere.....
Thanks for your time
Peter Isert
Sarine Dorra’s son
Sydney Australia
MODERATOR NOTE: Pleae reply privately with family information

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I would love to reply privately if I could find Peter's email address. Can you provide it because I may have some answers to his inquiry.

Jacob Rosen



peter isert

Hi Jacob
my email is 
I visited some relatives in Haifa I think in the late 1970s someone called Rirtette I think?
i know my grandfather Raphael Dorra died & is buried in Safed
Hope to hear from you soon Jacob
Peter Isert