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Hi.  I'm a new member to this discussion group.  Could anyone please translate the headstone of my great-grandmother?  Thanks so much for your help.

Terry Steinberg


Hello Terry,


Here lies or here is buried  (abbreviation on top)

Our dear mother

Sima Perlzweig

Passed away 7 Tevet 5600 (Hebrew date)

May her soul be gathered in eternal life (abbreviation on the bottom)


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Dr.Josef ASH

H(ere) L(ies)
our dear mother
Sima Perlsweig
d. on 7 of tevet 1939
Let her soul ...

Josef ASH, Israel


The translation is as follows below.
7 Tevet 5690 corresponds to 7 Jan. 1930.
Yours truly,
Keith (Osher)

First line: po nikbar (abbr.) – here lies

Second line: Imanu ha’yikara – our beloved mother

Third line: Sima Perlsweig

Fourth line: niftara (abbr.) 7 Tevet 5690 – who died on the 7th of Tevet 5690

Fifth line: tehi nishmata tsrurah b’tsror ha’chaim (abbr.) – may her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life

Amos Israel Zezmer

The correct year is 1930 (5690).

Yerres, France

On 02-Jun-20 22:24, Dr.Josef ASH wrote:
H(ere) L(ies)
our dear mother
Sima Perlsweig
d. on 7 of tevet 1939
Let her soul ...

Josef ASH, Israel

tzipporah batami

Our dear mother is the first two words. Phonetically eemainu hayikara. The rest of her name and the dates of her life.


To combine the various replies about the date of death:

The Hebrew date was the 7th of Tevet, 5690.  This date began at sunset on January 6th, 1930, and ended at sunset on the 7th.

As to the pronunciation of the Hebrew for "our dear mother":   ee-MAY-nu ha-yeh-kah-RAH.

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