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Terry Ashton

I was wondering if there are detailed B/D/M records available in the Lithuanian database, in the same way as can be found on JRI Poland?  For example, when a record is found through JRI Poland, and placed on VewMate for translation, there are often quite a few details such as time, place, date, witness names, names of newborn child etc. which can be extracted for the researcher. The information on any Lithuanian records I have found in the past, seem to be much sparser than JRI Poland records. Was less information given to/recorded by authorities in Lithuania in earlier times?

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Terry Ashton, Australia

PRASHKER: Kalisz/SZUMOWSKI: Gorki, Zdunska Wola, Lomza/WAJNGOT: Poland/WIERZBOWICZ: Gorki, Lomza/GOLDMAN: Blaszki, Poland/SEGAL/SEGALOVICH: Vilnius/HOLTZ: Dvinsk



Joel Ratner

If you examine the microfilm records many of the Litvak records were translated from, you'll find that LitvakSIG translated virtually all data shown. The data filled in on the forms answer the questions on the form, usually no more. The Polish records, in many cases, were written as entire paragraphs and as such, the scribe may have included many more details. 
Joel Ratner
Newton, Ma.
Former coordinator, LitvakSIG Vital Records Translation Project

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Mary Anne Z Wheeler <maryanne.wheeler@...>

Joel Ratner,
I read somewhere that the early 1800's Catholic church records from Sudargas (Sudarg), which contain Jewish marriages, were transcribed by LitvakGIG. Where can I find those records?
Mary Anne Wheeler
Birmingham, MI

Joel Ratner

I have never had any knowledge of those records - someone in LitvakSIG who has access to the database may be able to help.

Joel Ratner