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I am searching for my relatives named FERTEL from the Ukraine, who had emigrated  to America shortly bevor or shortly after the Russian Revolution 1917, from Shepetovka or another place. I am not sure. They were 5 sisters/brothers. One of them was be taken there later, in 1920th years, he was very young. His name was MOISHE ABRAMOVITCH FERTEL. Who knows him or his Family?
Jana Tegel (Germany)

Emily Garber


I have been doing a long-term community study of the town of Labun (called Lubin in Yiddish and now known as Yurovshchina, Ukraine), which is 18 miles from Shepetivka. In 1921, a family of five children (Mania, Jankiel, Chaim, Mojze and Usla Fertel) arrived in the United States heading for their uncle Hyman Boris. They had all been born in Labun. Their parents were Abraham and Fannie (likely Feiga) Fertel. In the United States, the children took the surname Fetell. My research also indicates that they had an uncle in the United States named Ben Fetell.

My blog contains two posts regarding Fetell family members: (Adell Fetell Norflus had been Usla Fertel)

If you think this may be your family, please contact me privately and I will share more information and records.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, Arizona

GARBER, MAZEWITSKY, MALZMANN, KESSELMAN - Labun, Volhyhia Gubernia, Russian Empire
LIEBROSS, WENKERT - Zaleszczyki, Torski, and Ustechko, Galicia and Radauti, Bukovina
WiLENSKY, EPSTEIN - Kasan (Kozyany), Belarus