Immigration to US of Avram/Abraham BERCOVICI/BERKOWITZ from #romania

Mike Grossman

I have searched major sites for arrival information of Avram/Abraham BERCOVICI/BERKOWITZ born in Romania around 1884, arriving in US around 1903/4, and settling in Philadelphia (appears there in 1910 US Census) . Also searching for arrival information of wife Pepi/Bessie BRODER (nee)/BERKOWITZ born in Romania around 1884 and arriving in US around 1903/4, because daughter Pearl born 25 December 1903 (one records show 1902) in Romania and was 7 in 1910 US Census. Other 3 children were born in Philadelphia: Dora/Dorothy on 09 Aug 1904/5, Jacob/Jack on 20 Sept 1905/6, and Ella/Alice on 7 July 1907.
I'm stuck, and any information leading to the arrival dates/ships for Avram/Abraham, Pepi/Bessie, and Pearl will be much appreciated. I've searched arrival records of NY Ellis Island, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Canadian Border. The closest hit I get is Abraham Berkowitz (but he still went by Avram Bercovici in 1907) , arriving on the ship Saint Louis on 18 July 1904, but with no family.
Thank you.
Mike Grossman
Urbana, Illinois, USA

Mike Grossman

Thanks to those who helped with this query, especially CR and BF. I really appreciate it. In Pepi BERKOWITZ's Declaration of Intention (sent to me by BF) it states that she entered NY under the name of Pepi GROSSMAN (no relation that I know of, yet.) on a specific ship on a specific date. Other information is correct: address, childrens' names and dates of birth, etc.  When I searched for the passenger list, I discovered that she was accompanied by her 1yo daughter, Paulina GROSSMAN, destined for Philadelphia. So there they are, Pepi and Pearl BERKOWITZ with other names.
My question is, under what circumstance would she be traveling with her daughter under a different name? Might Pepi and Pearl have bought the tickets from Pepi and Paulina, when they couldn't travel? Any suggestions?

Barbara Zimmer

Pepi and Paulina were the same two people as Pepi and Paulina.   It was common for people to change their given names to something that (to them) sounded more Americanized.  

Barbara Zimmer


Barbara Zimmer

It was common for the man to arrive first, and then save the money to buy the tickets for his family to follow. 

Barbara Zimmer

Correction :  Pepi and Paulina were the same two people as Pepi and Pearl. 

Mike Grossman

Thanks for your response, but my question was more about them traveling under the name of GROSSMAN, rather than BERKOWITZ. Under what circumstances would that happen. 
And to make it more confusing, they appear (hard to read) to be going to Philadelphia to "husb Abr Grossman", and not to Peppi's husband Abraham Berkowitz. Any thoughts?



this is a long shot, but have you looked for Avram traveling under the name Grossman?

Rich Meyersburg
Laurel MD

Peninah Zilberman


Every guess is as good as any other

Let’s just keep in mind that all immigrants had one objective

To get to the “Golden Medinah”  “ Golden Country”

i.e. USA-America.


So, could be one person bought the tick. Could leave for whatever reason

Another one used it under the first person’s name

Or, simply, they thought to use Pauline name instead of an Yiddish/Jewish name


By the way, you mentioned Romania- what city?/ village?

The main thing is they arrived and made their new home USA.

All the best

Peninah Zilberman


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