Quebec Genealogical Society = need help of a member (obituary database) #canada

Gregory Bradbury

I am working on completing information on my family tree (more than 730 relatives at present).
I would appreciate help from anyone who is a member of the Québec Genealogical Society.
I would am looking for data on some specific relatives, easy in the "Décès du Québec 1926-1997" database, which is available on line to members.

Please contact me directly.  I can offer assistance for those in needing help for Switzerland.
Kind regards / Cordialement,

G Bradbury
Geneva (Switzerland)

Marion Werle

You can join Genealogy Quebec, which has the same database, on a limited basis, for 24 hours or one month to view and copy database entries. It is very reasonable, and you should be able to get what you need. I did a one month membership ($13 Canadian, which is a better buy than 24 hours), and I was able to view everything I needed, including "Décès du Québec." #canada

Good luck!

Marion Werle <canadagenes@...>
Los Angeles, CA

jack nathanson

Please email me at nathanson1947@..., and I will email you what I can find.

Jack Nathanson.