Gitel and Leon Okneinu from Pietra Neamt, Romania #romania

Jackie Fedler

My name is Jackie Fedler.
I live in Israel.
I’m trying to help a friend who is sight impaired and can’t use the internet to search his roots/ ancestors from Pietra Neamt.
His grandparents were Gitel and Leon Okneinu.
They had 2 children Adelina and Merkushore.
All he knows is that Leon died in Romania in 1930.
Gitel and her daughter Adelina came to Israel after the war.
Thank you for any help 

Valentin Lupu

Hi Jackie,
I think that the correct family name should be spelled Ocneanu (in Romanian) and pronounced Ockneanou.
Adelina is a diminutive form for Adela. Marcusor (pronounced Marcushor) is also a diminutive form for the name Marcu.
Ocneanu is quite a rare Romanian name. I may help with the search given you can add more data. You can contact me privately either in English or Hebrew.

Valentin Lupu