Friedmann restaurant in Baden Bei Wien 1900-1915? #austria-czech #hungary


Hello I am researching Margit Friedmann (born 1890 Udvari) and her siblings and parents from Biharudvari, Hungary, who moved to Vienna from 1915 but at some point Margit's father Izsak may also have had a restaurant in Baden Bei Wien and it would be good to see this in the records. Does anyone know where in the Austrian/German records at this time I might find addresses or even census information, I think there was a census in 1910? Or a business address source? Many thanks for any pointers.
Emma Cole

Johann Hammer

The 1910 census is unfortunately not edited, which means that there is no possibility to search for names, for example. You would have to know the exact address to find the inhabitants of a house.
I searched some sources for Izsak Friedmann in Baden near Vienna, but I could not find any indication of a restaurant.
Johann Hammer (Vienna)

Sherri Bobish

Emma may want to try searching for her family and their restaurant in old city directories.  This site is free, and has a large database of Eastern European directories from the past.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ


Hello. I sent a message before but i am not sure if you received it. I live in vienna since 1983 and have suceeded in writing a biography on my folks going back to 1680 when jews were not allowed to have full names in the Czech lands. Pls write a lail to DSA Irma Wulz or call her +43/1/531 04-172 fax +43/1/531 04-219 or I.wulz@... this lady is in charge of the Jewish Matrikeln of the Jewish community of Vienna. Baden is included. You need the birth date and death date of Margit Friedmann I believe. She can locate thru the Matrikeln where they were registered when they lived in Baden bei Wien. After that I can help you with the Handelsregisters of the Austrian State Archives to locate the restaurant with some luck. Kind regards sis Wien 


I wonder, if it is any interest to you:

My mother-in-law's father was Izsak-Yitchok Yaakov Friedmann    --a Kohen- son of   Dayan, Harav Zvi HaKohen Friedmann from Beregszasz? Kezmarok? 

Izsak,-- Yitchok Yaakov Friedmann was a 'Sochet' in OZD-Hungary--before the War--His wife was Sarah Felberbaum--I am not aware--it might be that Sarah had a secular name as well.

OZD is near Miskolc.

I am not aware that they lived in Wien  or not, or if they had a restaurant or not.

On a different note: I also like to mention that  to my knowledge, there was  a Nadudvar  ?  or Nadudvari ? in Hungary as well.

Best wishes to you all and wishing you success in your research.

Veronika Pachtinger


Hi Michel
I'm so sorry not to have replied to this message, I have only just seen it, but now I also know to look here for responses. I think I did try to contact Irma, but perhaps a call would be better, I will try that. Your biography sounds very interesting, is it publicly available to read?
Many thanks for your help


Hi Veronika
Sorry not to reply before, I have only just seen these messages, I didn't know to look here before.
I think it might be a different branch of the Friedmann family as he was married to Szidonia. I have now found quite a lot of information about them through various sources, but thank you for your interest and help!