Partial Manifest Located, How to locate remaining section #unitedkingdom #general


Hello. I have located what I believe to be a partial manifest for the SS Paris, sailing from NY to Plymouth, arriving August 8th, 1929.  I located the manifest on Ancestry, UK and Ireland, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960, Plymouth, England, 1929 August. 

My grandparents, Charles and Dorothy Weingarten,  took this ship and I can not find their names. Any suggestions? I think I page might be missing. 

Thank you in advance for any advice

Deborah Moscou Annex


A quick look at Steve Morse's great one-step site produced a record for Dorothy WEINGARTEN in 1929.  However, it shows her arriving in the USA.  Did you look there?
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC


Hi Barbara. I have located the return voyage, but am having trouble with manifest from the SS Paris. I have found the manifest, but it appears to be missing pages. Trying to figure out how to find these missing pages. I am thinking they were not scanned.


Hi Barbara
I have located the manifest for the return voyage, but can not find my grandparents on the outbound voyage.
I have letters my grandma wrote to her parents describing her journey on the SS Paris, and she dated her arrival letter on August 8th.
I feel that a page of the manifest might not have been scanned and is missing, and I am hoping to find a way to get it.
Any thoughts, the document resides in the UK.