Brick Wall for Grandfather #warsaw #poland


I've had a BRICK WALL for over 10 years of active research. My grandfather, Isidor (Icek?) Bergman was born in Warsaw (maybe not?) in 1880 or 1882. According to his Ketuba and his SS documents, his father was Simon. His mother was Feige born Elbaum in 1837 in Lublin. (The family later changed the surname to Kierer.) She married a Dawid Boguslawski who died while she was pregnant with Samuel David Boguslawski, born 1863. I don't know when she married Bergman or anything about Simon Bergman. She emigrated to the U.S. in 1890 under the name of Czippe (Czippe is Hebrew for Feige) Bergmann, but alas her 8 year old son was not on the ship manifest. I have very many documents about her family from Lublin -- parents, grandparents, and siblings, but NOTHING about the Bergmans. I have used every available resource. Any clues? Attached are photos of Feige and Isidor and his half brother -- (Isidor on the left) -- taken around 1895.
Abby Barry Bergman
New York