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Does anyone recognize someone on the attached picture dated circa 1930. It must be a gathering from the Rand family. My grandfather Schmuel Rand was born in Lutowiska December 14, 1883 from ELIYAOU DAVID RAND and ZISSEL EISENBERG born in LUTOWISKA. ELIYAOU DAVID RAND was married a second time. My grandfather was a Cohanim.

Henny Paris

Sally Bruckheimer

I've seen the name in Poland. It isn't real common, but it is there.


Alexander Sharon

Rand was actually very popular family name in Galicia.
JRI-P lists total 1,431 entries for surname Rand, mostly in Krakow (697 entries) and Lwow (540 entries) regions.
Rand surname appears 118 times within the Lutowiska (district Lesko) township alone.
Debora Rand was a landowner in Lutowiska , and Rand family also own an alcohol distillery which was usually connected to the land ownership.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

Sherri Bobish

Sally is correct.  I have a RAND from Baligrod that married into my WALTZMAN family.

Baligrod is not far Lutowiska, from which I also have family.


Sherri Bobish