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Phil Karlin

There's a record in the Revision List for 1874 which I'm trying to determine if it refers to my ancestors. So, what do you think about these names?
In Belarus, they were:
Gdalia or Gdal,
Hinda or Ginda.

In New York in 1935, they might have been translated as what?

Molly Staub

Here's a record from my tree. I had never heard of Gedalia before; it looks like he went by Joseph.

Joseph Gedalia Wasserman

Birthabt 1904 Ostropol, Russia

Death22 Jul 1938 Phila., PA Age 39

sources (15) records (12)

Happy hunting, Molly Arost Staub


Gedalia could have become George.  Hinda often became Anna or Hannah.  But they could have chosen any names they liked, whether or not they sounded similar to what they had.

Steven Usdansky

Although I always knew her as Hinda, my father's aunt, who came to the US in 1933, is shown on the passenger manifest as Genia and was known to her immediate family (don't know about her friends) as Jenny


The Jewishgen Given Names Database will give you some more ideas There is a DM Soundex option that is often worth using.

Note that you can search using different European origin countries.   Lithuania will usually give you more possibilities than Belarus. 
* For Lithuania under "Gedalia" there are:  Charles / Daniel / Gedaliah / George / Gilbert / Gustav / Jacob / Julius / Harry.
* For Belarus:   
George / Gilbert.

Under Hinda,  fin
Anna / Hanna / Helen / Hilda /HINDA / Ida / Irma / Sylvia.  

One might expect sometimes therefore also to see variants of these as time passed; so for Anna:  Anne, Anny, Annie, Fanny, Fannie and so on; for Ida:  Idel, Ita, Itel, Etel, Ethel, Ethyl.  

People could always choose to use completely unrelated names:  I have one "Chaim Mendel" who in the end settled on "Arthur Emanuel".    

Paul Hattori
London UK

MINDEL, MINDELL from Utena and Vyzuonos, Lithuania
FELLER from Pabrade, Lithuania

Ben Karlin

Hi Phil,

I have tracked as many KARLIN, KARLINSK(I/Y) and KAROLINSK(I/Y) families as I can from Belarus. We are from the Pinsk area; Motole, Yanove, Antipol and Pinsk itself.

What is their surname in the Revision List and what is their shtetl? If they had children who lived in the US, try comparing their gravestones with death certificates to see what was given as their father’s Anglicized name. It may also lead you to their parents’ graves which would help find dates of death.

Hope this helps.

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