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Can anyone translate the banners & subtitles for me? And if you have any idea of what is going on in the pictures please help understand it! All I know is that they have something to do with my family, lebedenko (lebedenco at Brazil) who lived in the USSR, not sure if Ukraine or Romania... if you recognize any of the places please let me know as well! One of the pics has numbers on it, not sure why, but I’m trying to find out... the other has some names, if could translate them as well, it’d be great!!!
Thanks for Everything!

Lailah Lebedenco Evangelista

P.s. Some other surnames I’m looking for are POPOV, SEMENIKIN, BULGACOV, GORSKA, SEMENICHEN, YASTREBOV & CERKASSIN please contact me if you know anything about them! & if you recognize any of the pictures, please do too!!

Dr.Josef ASH

You have here 4 pictures.
from below:
Written in Russian: "Russian Bapthise Sosciety on the day of founding - Varna 17 IV 1932"
next up:  :"J. Belaniuk 13.6.1948" the photographer's name. Ukrainian surname (as well as Lebedenko). THe nombers shoud be written on the back side of the picture with the names...
next up: on the sign board above the entrance in Russian: "Greetings to all the baptists. The 6th congress SSBB (don't know this abbreviation)"
Written : "Festive meeting of the 6-th congress June 13, 1940, esperanso"
with names: you can read them. one of them is russian Kiril.Pestina looks like the woman's Russian surname
Ogurtsova is the Russian surname

Roman Vilner

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 09:27 PM, Dr.Josef ASH wrote:
Written in Russian: "Russian Bapthise Sosciety on the day of founding - Varna 17 IV 1932"
I believe it's "Varpa" in the last pictures, which ties in with there being a Latvian Baptist community in Varpa, Brazil.  The greenery and some indigenous faces also point at that.  Perhaps the poster's Ukrainian ancestors joined that community.