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Alan Reische

Two of my grandparents are buried in the Mount Sinai Plot of the Mount
Judah Cemetery - Louis and Mamie (Stein) Reische. I've hit a stone wall
in determining where Louis came from originally, although evidence
points to the vicinity of Rzeszow Galicia (now Southeastern Poland).
I've checked both with the Cemetery itself and with the current
adminstrator of the temple to see if the Plot was allocated to a
specific lamdsmannschaft but they have only information linking the Plot
to Mount Sinai Synagogue, none of it furthering the inquiry.

Is there anything in this limited information that would hint at the
country or region of origin? Am I missing some obvious source of

Meryl Landau Ginsberg

I have many family members, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles at Mount Judah.  They are all buried at the Sefardim of Harlem plot.  I notice that many 'plots' have plaques....  Have you considered contacting family members of those buried near your grandparents.  Hope this helps.  


Census records show Louis is from Austria.  Citizenship application indicates from Germany - although records indicate Mamie was from Germany.

Suggestions - try to get actual Death Certificate

                        Did Louis have siblings? Did his parents come to US?  You can try searching records for those relatives - passenger manifests, marriage & death certificates. Marriage certificates give place of birth information, citizenship records

Hope this helps


A. E. Jordan

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to see if the Plot was allocated to a
specific lamdsmannschaft but they have only information linking the Plot
to Mount Sinai Synagogue

Unfortunately no time frame is mentioned but in the 1930s there was a survey of sorts done of all the religious institutions and it is now on microfilm at the NYC City Hall Library .... same building at the Archives but different room in the back of the first floor,

I have not done too much work with the file but when I tried one of the staff in the room helped.  On their computer they had a finding aid with permitted them to search by name and then they can ID the reel and file number.  Some of the surveys were multiple pages with the history of the organization and some were one page and very basic.

Also I believe it is possibly to look at the original incorporation papers to see how they described the organization.  The burial societies, if they were incorporated, worked like an insurance company with that level of regulation by the state so there's a paper trail.  I think the same is true if it was an established shul versus something that operated out of someone's basement or such. 

But all of that will only tell you about the organization.  Some had fairly strict rules about maintaining their geographic heritage or such but a lot of them took in outsiders so to speak.  Relatives by marriage or even friends seemed to be able to buy plots. Personally I have family by marriage in a Warsaw plot who had no known connection to Warsaw or even Poland.  The man killed himself and the distraught wife might have turned to a friend or something to help make the arrangements for his burial or since most burial societies shunned a suicide they might have had to hunt around to find one that did not know him or did not care that he killed himself. 

Long way of saying you can find information on the organizations but that does not certainly confirm the personal information.

Allan Jordan