Translation needed 1744 Jewish census of Deutschkreutz, Hungary (now Austria) #austria-czech #hungary #translation

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In the early 1700s, my 8th great-grandfather of Deutschkreutz, Hungary (now Austria) owned a multi-family building with five units. These dwellings were passed on to his descendants. The 1744 Jewish census provides the name and ages of the people in each household, plus additional information. 


I need help deciphering and translating the information. It is written in old German script. I’ve attached the image of the first of the five households. If you are able to help, I will forward the additional images.


Thanks very much!

Carole Garbuny Vogel


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Jeremy Lichtman

Following. Some of my wife's family are from there (Spiegel - you manage some of the profiles on Geni).