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Leya Aronson

I am including a record for someone who might be a relative of our family. They lived in Mexico, and the language is Spanish. However, I am also interested in finding where they are from originally, and the name VAKUM shows as place of origin.
Any help would be appreciated.
Leya Aronson
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Leya Aronson
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researching: LEVINOFF, HILLMAN, BESINKOVSKY from Yelizovetgrad [now Kropyvnyestski, Ukraine  and Odessa Russia 


The basic facts are:
Birth record of Margarita Luvinoff (04/11/1938) in the city of San Luis Potosí.
Father: Miguel Luvinoff, 27 years old from Vakum, Russia. Miguel is son of Jorge Lubinoff and Ana Kwik, both perished?
Mother: Aída Bosques, 17 years old from Cuba. Aída is daughter of Juan Bosques (40 years old) and Ana Bosques (37 years old).
Margarita' parents were married.
The record is dated 15/11/1938.

Cesar Yeudkin


Hi Leya,

This is the birth certificate registration for Margarita Levinoff, born on Nov 4, 1938 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, to Miguel Levinoff, 27, originally from Vakum (?), Russia and his wife, Aida Bosques, originally from Cuba, married, 17 years old. 
Miguel's parents, both deceased, were Jorge Levinoff and Ana Kuik.
(On the left side, is written Miguel's immigration file number: 82113.
Miguel & Aida's address was: Calle de Guajardo 37, if I can understand correctly the handwriting.
Not a literally translation, but the main points.
I hope it helps you in your research.
Gabriel Dardik 
Weston, FL
DARDIK & STISMAN (Soroka & Vertujieni, Bessarabia)
LIBERMAN (Trochenbrod, Sofievka, Lutsk -Ukraine)
Strazgorodsky (Ukraine)

Crivorot, Sergio



Finally somebody posts a document that I can help with ! Unfortunately I can’t help with the place called Vakum, but the rest is as follows:


·       November 15, 1938 – town of San Luis de Potosi

·       Miguel Levinoff, married, coppersmith, 27 years old, from Vakum, Russia, resident at calle de Guajardo 37 (or something similar)

·       Birth on November 4 of a girl, Margarita Levinoff

·       Mother Aida Bosques, 17 years old, from Cuba,

·       The baby is a granddaughter of Jorge Levinoff and Ana Kuik (?) , deceased and of Juan Bosques (40 years old) and Ana Bosques , 35

·       Witnesses Moises Rodriguez and Guillermo de La Vega, single, adults, not relatives of the family


Record number 1837 one thousand eight hundred thirty seven. In the city of San Luis Potosi, at 12 twelve o'clock of the 15th fifteenth of November of 1938 one thousand nine hundred thirty eight before mi, Hector Fernandez Alvarez, 2nd judge of the Civil court of this Capital, appears Mr.  Miguel Luvinoff , married, boiler maker (or person that works in a boiler room), 27 years old, native of Vakum, Russia and from this area and said: that on number 37 thirty seven of Guajardo street was born first time the 4th fourth of the current month at 7 seven o'clock, a baby girl  that was given the name Margarita Luvinoff; legitimate daughter of the appearing party and his wife Aida Basques,  married 17 seventeen years old, native of Cuba and from this area. Granddaughter on the father's side of Jorge Luvinoff and Ana Kuik, deceased; and on the mother side of Juan Basques, 40 forty years old and Ana Basques, 35 thirty five years old. Witnesses are, Moises Rodriguez M and Guillermo de la Vega, single, employed, of age, from this area and not family of the baby. After the reading of this record they approved and signed. I attest.- Hector Fernandez.- Miguel Luvinoff.- M. Rodriguez M..- G. de la Vega.- "Signatures. _

                                                                                                            Hector Fernandez