Rezniks of Pohost, (Slutsk) and New York #belarus #usa


Based on the death certificate of her eldest son David Blistein, I have long assumed that one of my great grandmothers was named Esther Resnick (Blistein) .  Recently I had an old Yiddish letter translated. It  was written to my grandfather in either 1953 or 1959  from his cousin Nathan Resnick in the Bronx.  Using the names of Nathan's wife and daughter in the letter, we were able to trace his brother and sister, also in New York and learn from manifests and death certificates, that their father's name was Abram Resnick, or Resnik or Reznik and that the family came from Pohost.  Since both my grandparents came from the Slutsk area, this was no surprise but we would very much like to find some evidence that Abram Reznik was a sibling of  Esther Resnick who died in childbirth in 1890.  Any Resnicks from Pohost out there?


Sorry I can't help you on your Resnicks but my grandfather Lieb Frankel was from this Pohost.



It's amazing how genealogical research tends to take one in circles.  My paternal greatgrandmother (other side of the family) was a Frankel. Her father was Usher Frankel but he was from Zhitomir and not Pohost.

Thanks for writing though. 

Best, Ronni


My great grandfather was Jacob Resnikov. He came from somewhere  in Belarus or Ukraine.
As a young man he came to Odessa where he met and married my GGM, Slawa Tsatskin.
I know nothing of his family but I haven't found any Resnikovs in Odessa.
This doesn't help you but it expands on the knowledge of the name.


It appears that Solomon Wolfson (my GF who changed his name to Samuel Wilson after arriving in the U.S. in 1906) was the son of Efriam Wolfson (my GGF).  Solomon said he was born in Poltava, Russia in 1887 (today Poltava, Ukraine).  Efriam's brother, Mayer Wolfson, married Lifsa Karachick.  Their daughter, Frade Wolfson, married Hyman Resnikoff.

I am in possession of a hand drawn Resnikoff family tree prepared in 1979 in Jerusalem by an L.A. Resnikoff and then edited in 1984 in Jerusalem by an "H.R.W." This tree is written mostly in English with some of the names only in Hebrew script.  While I can only vouch for the accuracy of this tree regarding my grandfather and his descendants, I believe that it is probably reliable and would be glad to provide a digital copy directly to those who would be interested.  I have not identified a Jacob Resnikoff on this tree but he may be there.

I am researching the WOLFSON family that lived in Russia, probably the town of Poltava, today in Ukraine.  There is some reason to believe this was a rabbinical family founded by Abraham Wolfson (GGGF) and his wife Hannah LEFSHUN (GGGM).  Other than the tree, a family photo and a few family stories, I have been unsuccessful so far in locating information about this family in Russia.  Any information or suggestions for sources would be greatly appreciated.

Sam Wilson


Hello Sam,
I would really like a copy of the Resnikoff tree.
Could you please send me a copy

Peter Weinstock