Who knows Moldavanski or Kushnir? #ukraine


One of my grandmothers was Fanja Shljoma Selmanovna Moldovanskaja (male form is Moldovanski). She was born in 1923 in the Ukraine.
My another grandmother's name was Betya(Basya) Chaimovna Kushnir, born in Polonnoye, the Ukraine, in 1917.
Bevore the Second World War they both moved to Siberia and lived in Jewish Autonome Region in the town Birobidshan. 

I am searching for thier relatives, maybe brothers, sisters, grandparents. Does anybody know something?

Jana Tegel
Fertel, Fetell


My name is Dov Oppenheim of Israel.
My great grandfather from my mother side was Zvi Kushnir from Ukraine. He was born on 1887, his fathers name was Efraim Kushnir.
As far as I know he had 2 sisters that moved to Argentina with him at 1910.
I have no idea of other family left in the Ukraine, I do know that Kushnir is a very common name there.
Your great grandmothers name  Betya(Basya) Chaimovna Kushnir suggest that her fathers name was Chaim.
I will try to look at records from Polonnoye area.