Jewish Prison Commander - Kharkov 1923 #ukraine

Jules Feldman

According to the family narrative Yakov KARLINSKY known as Yasha was
arrested in 1922-1923 as a capitalist and enemy of the people and held in a
prison in Kharkov.
He was fortunate - the prison commander was a Jew whom he had met a few
years previously in Palestine. The commander let him out of prison and he
was able to leave the Soviet Union.
This is a long shot : who was the prison commander?
Jules Feldman
Kibbutz Yizreel

הודעת דוא"ל זו נבדקה לאיתור וירוסים על ידי תוכנת האנטי-וירוס של avast.


In Kharkov, which became the capital of Soviet Ukraine in December 1919, the provincial Cheka was successively headed by the Russian Vasily Nikolaevich Blinov, mentioned above Schwartz (May-June 1920, formerly vice-chairman), the Polish nobleman Ivan Antonovich Menitsky and the Polish proletariat Stanislav Frantsevich Redens, from December 1920 to July 1921, Isaac Solomonovich Radin (Esterman), the last chairman of the Kharkov Cheka was Afanasy Tikhonovich Tantsura, among the deputy chairmen were Livshits and S.I. West.


Dear Iryna,
I am writing to ask if you have any information regarding  records of birth or marriage in Kharkov between 1900 and 1920.
I am trying to trace my grandfather, Naum Beckerman, who was said to come from Kharkov, and who would have been born sometime between 1890 and 1902/3.
It is possible that my grandmother, Eugenia Zaslavsky  married him in 1918. What indisputably happened was that my father was born in Feb 1919, though that may have been in Kharkov, Kertch or Genischesk.
I would be so grateful for any information you may be able to pass on;
with many thanks,
Jane Beckerman


is in 1918-19. of birth
Bekerman Abram Yankelevich
Bekerman Avraam Aizikovich
Bekerman Leib Yankelevich