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Hello everyone,
I Will be in Iasi, beginning of August and if I can help with some research at the archives there or at the cemetery, I’d be more than happy to do it. ( I used to do some research at the archives in Bacau, Piatra Neamt) 
Just please let me know if I may be of help.

Thank you,
Teodora van Middendorp
Sighisoara, Romania 

Carl Erkenbrecher

Hi Theodora,

I'm not sure if you can help or not but I am looking for information (birth certificate, etc) about my wife's grandfather, Harry Brownstein. It says on his Naturalization Records the he was born 15 May 1889 in Securon, Rumania. He emigrated from Glasgow, Scotland to the USA (New York) in February, 1906. I think his parents may be Joe (Joseph?) Brownstein and Fanny Shebsevich but I have no other information on them. Is this something you could research while you are at the archives in Bacau, Piatra Neamt or would there be a better place to research the records for him? Thanks for any help you can provide. Take care.

Susanna Vendel

Securon is probably Secuieni, a commune in Bacau county, Western Moldavia, Romania. It is composed of seven villages (see Wikipedia). There are other Secuieni too, one in Harghita county and an other in Neamt county.
Susanna Vendel


Hello Teodora
I don't know if it will be possible, but I am trying to find any Romanian records for Barnett and Rebecca Horam who emigrated to the UK around 1900.  Possibly Transylvania.  A son Max was born there in 1897 and subsequent children in London.I am still searching for passenger and naturalisation records, so have limited details.  Barnett is recorded as being an 'Austrian' in the UK 2011 census and Rebecca as being a Russian.  However their daughter Lily, born in London always said they were Romanians.  Hope you have a safe and successful trip in any case.  Thank-you from Beth Wilson, Northumberland UK


Hi Teodora,
My grandfather Michel Mayer was born in Iasi in 1866; he emigrated to Egypt and lived there the rest of his life. I have a certificate from the romanian embassy in Cairo delivered in 1936.
I would be very grateful if you can find any document about him or his family in the archives in Iasi.
Best regards,
Benjamin Mayer 
(Paris, France)


Hi Teodora. I have been researching the Plutzers and Rosenblatts, my paternal grandparents. I know that the Plutzers were from Lusan, current day Luzhany Ukraine and Lujeni Romania inter-war. I believe the Rosenblatts were from the same area.  My maternal grandmother, Minnie maiden name Plutzer's parents were Esther and Marcus. Esther came over in around 1907 and there is real confusion about when Marcus came over. I also have not been able to determine with certainty when Minnie came over. A Mina Plutzer came over in 1900 from Lusan, but there are many contradictions in the records.

I have no idea where records are located, but I would be grateful for any effort you can make.

Thanks. Have a safe and pleasant journey.

malcolm katz

Hello Teodora, 
I would be really happy if you could find my great grandparents.
On UK census they say they were married in 1883 in Iasi, Lejb Baron married Chana Herszowicz/Herscovici.
Lejb was born 1871 the son of Izrael Avraham and Chana was born 1873the daughter of Yaacov/Jacob.
Another relative Yosef Szmul Baron says he was born 5/2/1894 in Iasi son of Jacob and Hannah.
Malcolm Katz


Hi Teodora
I would love to find someone to help in the archlve in Braila and Galati. Might you know someone?
Also, I am looking for a newspaper from 1900 in Galati? My great grandfather died from an accident on 4 December 1900 in Galati and I am hoping an article might have been written. Any thoughts? Hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction.
Thank you in advance.

Judith Sternberg

Thank you, Teodora;
  I am looking for information about my grandfather, Abraham "Avram" Rappaport and his parents and siblings. He was born in Mihaileni, ~1888, but lived in Bacau for sometime before immigrating to Vienna Austria. He was the son of Eliezer "Leizer" and Clara Rappaport. I am interested in the birth, marriage and death records for Leizer and Clara and only the birth record for Avram because I already have his marriage and death records. I'd like to find out anything I can about the family of Leizer and Clara Rappaport. Any guidance will be much appreciated.
Judith Rapaport Sternberg
Boise, Idaho  USA

Ilan Leibowitz


Tried several years ago with no success! Can you possibly help me with any new research?

Thank you,

Ilan Leibowitz


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Subject: LABOWITCH - Dorohoi, Romania
From: maya@...
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 20:57:49 +0200
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Dear Genners,

Seeking information on descendants of my great-grandfather's brother
Aizic Isaac/Yitzhak LABOWITCH.

My great-grandfather Wolf LABOWITCH from Dorohoi son of Reuven Leib, son
of Itzic was born in 1853 - mother's name Mariem - married in 1872
Rifka (Rebecca) Crashmariu.

They had several children and moved to London in the late 1800s where
they had more children, - have a full family tree.

Wolf is known to have had at least one brother called Aizic
(I am confident there were other siblings) whose wife was Rachel and
children Chaia and Nechama (there may have had more) It appears they did not
go to the UK nor remain in Dorohoi after 1900.

If your LABOWITCH (variant spellings) family tree has the above
mentioned persons please contact me privately.

Thank you for your time.

Ilan Leibowitz (Israel)

Kibbutz Afikim

Nina Tobias

Hello Teodora,
I thought about contacting you privately but decided that there could be others who might somehow be connected to the two families I am researching

Both of my maternal grandparents came from Iasi. My grandfather was Leon Swarttz (b. 1876); son of Fischel (b. approx 1842) and mother most probably named the equivalent of Rose. There were two other children that I know of: Max (b.1862) and Clara (b.1878) I have had no success finding any documentation regarding my great-grandmother, nor have I been able to break through the wall on Fischel's side. 

My grandmother came from a large family - there were nine children that I know of. Their parents were Wolf (Lupu) Horowitz (b. approx 1836) and Aurelia (Goldie) (b. approx 1838). Wolf's parents' names (best guess) were Isidor and Rebecca. Aurelia's parents' names per her burial record were Yaakov and Lifshe. The name Barber figures into this family and is possibly Aurelia's maiden name. I have the names and some of the birth years for the children. If that information would assist you in your research, please contact me privately.

I am hoping you might find marriage and/or birth records - but the truth is that anything you might be able to find would be most welcome. 

With thanks,
Nina Tobias
Scottsdale, Arizona