Migration from Galicia to Vienna and Germany #austria-czech #germany #general

Joseph Walder

I'm aware of some WALDER ancestors who migrated from Lvov in Galicia
to either Vienna or to German cities (Berlin, Leipzig, and others) in
the latter half of the 19th century. Are there any databases that
document such migration? I admit to ignorance about whether people in
Galicia needed permission to relocate within the Austrian empire.
Neither do I know whether there are any German records that bear on
migration from Galicia to the German states (or to unified Germany
after 1870). Any suggestions much appreciated. German-language sources
are not a problem.

Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

Phil Schwarz

My great-grandfather (father's mother's father), Moritz Schwebel, born in 1864, migrated from Czortków, Galicia, to Vienna, in the 1880s or 1890s.  My grandfather (father's father), Samuel Schwarz, born in 1893, migrated from Grzymalów, Galicia to Vienna in the 1910s.
Phil Schwarz
SCHWARZ/SCHWARTZ, KATZ (Grzymalów, Galicia)
SCHWEBEL, KALLENBERG, KLEIN, SCHRAMM, WOLFMANN (Czortków, Galicia; Neulengbach and Vienna, Austria)
ADLER, FEITH (Koblenz, Germany)
ROSENTHAL, ELKAN, BLOCK (Wetzlar, Germany)
HEYMANN (Cologne, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
A product of a mixed marriage: my father was a Galizianer, my mother a Yekke :-).

Lewis, Megan

There may be records for when your ancestors joined the Jewish communities in their destination cities.  The Vienna records are on GenTeam.eu.
As of 2001 the Leipzig Jewish Community http://www.irg-leipzig.de/ still held the community records; USHMM received copies of documents for the years 1933-1950 then.
Megan Lewis

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Judith Diamond

Are there immigration records to Berlin. My grandfather - Leo Lechner moved from Kolomyya about 1895.  I used Addressbooks to track him in Berlin.
Judith Diamond, London,UK
LECHNER Czernowitz, RATH  Kolomyya, HOLZER & HOROWITZ Krakow

Daniella Alyagon

I know for a fact that Vienna has books in which it recorded people entering and exiting the city. 
These books are available in the city archive.

Daniella Alyagon

Researching: ALYAGON (Israel), SHOCHETMAN (Kishinev / Letychev / Derazhnya), AGINSKY (Kishinev / Minsk), FAJNZYLBER (Siennica, Poland / Warsaw, Poland), JELEN (Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland), KIEJZMAN (Garwolin, Poland),  SLIWKA (Garwolin, Poland), MANDELBAUM (Janowiec, Poland / Zwolen, Poland / Kozienice, Poland), CUKIER (Janowiec, Poland), RECHTANT (Kozienice, Poland), FALENBOGEN (Lublin, Poland), ROTENSTREICH (Galicia), SELINGER (Galicia), BITTER (Galicia / Bukowina), HISLER (Galicia / Bukowina ), EIFERMAN (Galicia / Bukowina), FROSTIG (Zolkiew, Galicia / Lviv, Galicia), GRANZBAUER (Zolkiew, Galicia), HERMAN (Zolkiew, Galicia), MESSER (Lviv, Galicia / Vienna, Austria), PROJEKT (Lviv, Galicia), STIERER (Lviv, Galicia), ALTMAN (Lviv, Galicia), FRIEDELS (Lviv, Galicia)

Veronica Zundel

I'm interested too, as my mother's birth parents fled from Drohobych in the early months of the First World War, when the Cossacks invaded the city. They got separated on the journey, and my grandmother arrived in Vienna alone with four children and pregnant with my mother. As she had no means of subsistence without her husband, the older children were put in the Jewish orphanage and my mother, born in Vienna, was fostered and later adopted. My biological grandparents were Etie Horoschowska and Benzion Weber; it is possible that their eldest son Josef Jakob emigrated to Palestine in 1927 along with one of his sisters (probably Chaje Sara) so there may be descendants in Israel, who would be my first cousins - would be interested to know how I would find out about this.

Veronica Zundel
London, UK