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Could someone please translate the attached tombstone? 


Dr.Josef ASH

hear lies
dear wife and mother
Freine daughter of Dov-Ber
died on 25 of Kislev (it is the first day of Hanukka) 1946

Rodney Eisfelder

The first name is Creine rather than Freine. The father's name is the same name twice - Dov is Hebrew for Bear. Ber is Yiddish for the same thing.


I believe the name should be Breina 

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

I agree with Yitschok, the name is Breina. The b in the name is the same as the b in the word “bat” (daughter of ...) and in the father’s name, Dov Ber.

Breina is a common Yiddish name for women derived from the word “brown.”

Freina is not a name and Kreina, another common Yiddish name meaning crown, would be spelled with a kuf not a kaf.

The date of death looks to me like 28 Kislev, not 25. With regard to the year, it’s a bit hard to tell if the last letter is a vav (6) or yud (10). So the year may be 5706 (1945-46) or 5710 (1949-50).

The letters at the bottom are the traditional acronym for “May His/Her Soul be Bound in the Bonds of Life.” 

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Here lies

A dear woman and mother

BREINAH, daughter of Dov Ber


died the 28th of Kislev 5706

May her soul be bound up in the bond of life.
The 28th of Kislev, 5706, began at sunset on December 2nd, 1945, and ended at sunset on December 3rd.

The following might be helpful if you are trying to find her father.  The name Dov Ber are the Hebrew and Yiddish names, respectively, that mean "bear".  A common Yiddish nickname could be Berel.  A corresponding secular name could be something like Bernard.  Of course, this is not necessarily so, as there are no "rules" for choosing secular names.

Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA