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Carl Erkenbrecher

My wife's grandfather, Harry Brownstein, was born in Securon, Romania in 1889 and emigrated to the United States (New York) in 1906 (source: New York, Naturalization Record). I have tried to find this town but have been unsuccessful. Does anybody have any suggestions about how I can find where it is and how I might acquire his birth certificate? Unfortunately, without a middle name, there are numerous Harry Brownstein in the genealogical records. Thanks so much for any help or guidance you can give me.


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Most likely SECURENI, a town in Bukovina now in Ukraine. Was in Romania 1918-1940. On the Naturalization Petition the current then country was indicated while when born was Austria Hungary. For the year you are looking, records could be in Czernowitz (try Family Search).

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I believe the town you're looking for is Sokyryany in Bessarabia, which is also where my grandmother's people came from. They emigrated in 1905. has a lot of information about the town. It was near the larger town of Bricheni. -- Sherry Robinson, Albuquerque, NM 


Correction -- Secureni is actually at the "border" between Bucovina and Bessarabia and between 1812-1918 was part of the Hotin county of Bessarabia. Therefore the pre WW1 civil records are from the Russian period and likely at Chisinau.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

Securani is now part of Ukraine.  If anyone is looking for more recent records they might
be in Hotin and/or Ukraine. I recommend that you chek Town Finder to get all the name changes,
spellings, and countries at the different time periods.

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