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Hi all,
I've posted a few marriage certificates from Parczew from the 1890s that I believe are in Polish, but could be in Cyrillic, for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following addresses:
I'm trying to determine names and dates and any other relevant information that they contain. Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
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Short version in Russian:


Состоялось в городе Парчев девятого июля 1899-го года. Заключен брачный союз между Ициком-Янкелем Скуратником, двадцати лет,  сыном Герша-Лейба Скуратника и Суры Ривки, урожденной Скуратник и Малкою-Тылею Чапник, Двадцати лет, дочерью Давида Чапника и Голды, урожденной Ших.

Новобрачные объявили, что они не заключали никакого брачного сойза.


Translate into English:


Held in the city of Parchev on the ninth of July 1899. A marriage was concluded between Itzik-Yankel Skuratnik, twenty years old, the son of Gersh-Leib Skuratnik and Sura-Rivka, nee Skuratnik, and Malka-Tyle Chapnik, Twenty years old, daughter of David Chapnik and Golda, nee Shikh.

The newlyweds announced that they had not entered into any marriage marriage.

Dr.Josef ASH

don't believe, they are in Russian.
Do you want all the eight records to be translated?
don't you want to know, first, who's marriage was recorded in each one, just to choose your possible relatives by names
Josef ASH, Israel