Searching for Shoikhet and Chausovsky families currently in Lithuania #lithuania

Todd Cohn

I came across a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony that was submitted by a relative of mine named Feiga Shoikhet in 1991.

At that time she lived in Lithuania, Vilnius, Erfurto str 48/9.

I'm looking for suggestions on how I might be able to confirm if she or her family still lives in Lithuania today and of course try and get in touch with her.  


Other relatives of hers are her:

Father Shimon Dovid

Sister Chava Shoikhet Chausovsky 

Brother in law Semyon Chausovsky

Nephew Vladimir Chausovsky 

Alexander Chausovsky   


Places the family has lived are:





Thank you for your help. 






My Mom maiden name was Shoihet, but her family lived in Proskurov, Ukraine, where I was born too. This is a popular last name as it is related to a popular among Jews profession. 


Not sure if my reply went thru but would love to see your tree also Efraim since other Lithuania ancestors of mine wandered to Ukraine, etc so many some of my Schocat ancestors did too


 You might wish to contact Simonas Gurevicius, the leader of the Vilnius Jewish Community.  He might be able to tell you if any of your family members are enlisted with the VJC.  I’m sure you will find him helpful and able to give advice.

Good luck,