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A Family Search extract of a 1923 New York City death certificate for Harry Tarter lists his father as Shira Tarter. The family was from Mikulince, Galicia. I have seen Shira as a feminine given name only. Were males named Shira? If not, is Shira a diminutive or variation of a male Hebrew or Yiddish name? If so, what would have been a likely name from which Shira was derived? 

Richard Gross
Guilford, Connecticut, USA

Shelley Mitchell

One of the survivors of my family’s town was named Israela. I thought it was a woman. It meant son of Israel.
Maybe similar to your. Son of Shir?
Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...
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Sally Bruckheimer

In Polish, nou nd often end in -a in the nominative case. Israel's does not mean son of Israel, it means Izrael. Mal e and female names both end in -a. Israelowicz means son of Israe l.

My tablet seems not to know much today.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton. NJ

Phillip Minden

Shura is a common form of Alexander in Russian, and u merges into i in most of Eastern Yiddish. No connection to the modern name Shira = song, just a coincidence. 

Phillip Minden