Male given name Shira #general #names

Phillip Minden

Shura is a common form of Alexander in Russian, and u merges into i in most of Eastern Yiddish. No connection to the modern name Shira = song, just a coincidence. 

Phillip Minden 

Sally Bruckheimer

In Polish, nou nd often end in -a in the nominative case. Israel's does not mean son of Israel, it means Izrael. Mal e and female names both end in -a. Israelowicz means son of Israe l.

My tablet seems not to know much today.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton. NJ

Shelley Mitchell

One of the survivors of my family’s town was named Israela. I thought it was a woman. It meant son of Israel.
Maybe similar to your. Son of Shir?
Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...
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A Family Search extract of a 1923 New York City death certificate for Harry Tarter lists his father as Shira Tarter. The family was from Mikulince, Galicia. I have seen Shira as a feminine given name only. Were males named Shira? If not, is Shira a diminutive or variation of a male Hebrew or Yiddish name? If so, what would have been a likely name from which Shira was derived? 

Richard Gross
Guilford, Connecticut, USA