Searching for Dicofsky UK immigration Records and UK Jewish Year Book entries. #unitedkingdom




By way of background to my questions, my Great Grandfather, Charles (Chetzkil) Dicofsky, was born circa 1859 in the Russian Pale, Grodno Gubernia, possibly Slonim. He immigrated to England probably sometime in the early 1900s. His wife Sarah Hannah (nee Levenback), and children, Myer, Joseph (my Grandfather), Abraham and Dorah, followed in 1904. In the 1911 Census of England and Wales, they are all recorded living in Fieldgate Mansions in Romforth Street, London.


After many years of research, I am still unable to find details of the Dicofsky family’s entry into the U.K. other than 1904 seems to be the year Sarah and the children arrived. (Stated by Abraham in his application for Naturalisation in 1940).


Could anyone advise what my next move might be, to try and find details of their entry into the UK?

I seem to have exhausted all avenues available on JewishGen, Ancestry, and other genealogical Websites, trying to find passenger lists or Alien Registrations.


I have information that Charles was ‘Shamus’ of the Wilkes Street Synagogue, Spitafields in the East End in the 1900s.


Would UK Jewish Year Books have recorded his employment at the Wilkes Street Synagogue?

If this is so;

Can the Year Books for the 1900s be re-searched online?


Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


Thank You


David Dixon

South Australia.


Jill Whitehead

Hi David

For the most part, imigration records into the UK were not kept during the late 19th or early 20th century. Very few of us can claim to have found any, as either records were not kept or they were destroyed.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK