Archives of Ukraine records #ukraine


I can translate it in english. 


Daniella Alyagon

The only way to translate the actual documents is with the help of someone that knows how to read russian script. 
Even if this person does not know english he can type out the russian so that google translate will work


Thanks for replying but I'm a novice at this. I can translate the wiki page using Google translate. How do I translate the documents themselves?

Chuck Weinstein

You can view the page in translation using either Google translate or the Chrome browser.  The records themselves are in Russian and Hebrew.

Chuck Weinstein


How were you able to get them in English? Is there a link I'm missing?

Chuck Weinstein

The sheer number of Russian language documents being posted on Alex Krakovski's Ukraine wiki will take several years to index and transcribe, based on the number of volunteers Ukraine Research Division has that can do the work.  While we are experimenting with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution, we are not satisfied yet that it can do the job.  If you can help, please let us know.  

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, JewishGen Ukraine Research Division


Thanks for posting this. 
My understanding is that not all of these original documents are currently translated and indexed in Jewishgen. Is that correct? 
What would be the best way to have them translated?

Darren Lubotsky


This link gives really varied and detailed information!
And you can get all the links translated into English.
Some of the information is in Polish, so readable for people searching family names etc.
(Other is in Cryllic lettering)
Should be very useful for Ukrainian researchers.
Ann Belinsky


Thank you fo much for this post!
Just opened the link. Grateful to have this information!!
Deborah Annex


Hello everyone,

Last time I was looking for records from Ukraine,I found it,

Maybe, someone is looking for this like me.

Jenny Kanadov Bukowsky