moderated Jewish Gravestones Found in Austrian Castle Walls After 400 Years #austria-czech

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Renovations at Ebenfurth Castle, Austria have revealed 28 Jewish gravestones and gravestone fragments found in the foundations of the walls dating from the 17th Century. The wall was part of structural reinforcements to defend the city against the Ottoman Empire’s invasion of 1683.


The oldest of the tombstones is dated all the way back to the Hebrew date of 8 Tevet 5383 (December 11, 1622) and belongs to Elieser, son of Abraham Mose, German for Moses.

According to Jewish Heritage Europe, all of the stones will be displayed in a special display at Ebenfurth Castle and a commemorative plaque will be erected.


Jews were first documented in Ebenfurth in 1614. Between 1652 an 1671 Ebenfurth, a village in eastern Austria had the largest Jewish community in Lower Austria our of 48 communities.


Jews were evicted from Ebenfurth on August 26, 1671 and from then until 1867 there is very little information about Jews living there.

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Jan Meisels Allen

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